ECEM (Europe China Electronic Materials) is a member of SGIH Group (Special Gas International Holding Company Limited). SGIH was founded by a group of global top experts in Electronic Specialty Gases (ESG) industrial and owned the leading technologies of engineering design, equipment fabrication, commissioning & operation for certain ESG products.

SGIH decided to establish ECEM in ChongQing, China to extend own expertise from ESG products turn-key engineering solution provider to ESG products manufacturing in order to fully utilize our strength to directly service the market better, faster and more professional.

ECEM aims at the world leader of manufacturing hub of Ultra High Purity ESG Products and Chemicals mainly for IC (Integrated circuit), LED, OLED, Solar Panel, etc applications.

ECEM’s R&D center:

  • gathered worldwide experts, scientists and leading engineering partners.
  • continues to develop new technologies and new products.
  • process improvement for product quality, environmental emission and production costs.

Site is currently under development.

Europe - China Electronic Materials Co., LTD

Focusing primarily on continuous improvement of production technologies, product development, new applications and special analytical methods, ECEM will open its new Electronics R&D Center in Chongqing, China in Q4/2018. Working closely with worldwide international partners and local customers the new center will strongly support the development of local supply chains as well as strengthening & widening the local special gases manufacturing capabilities.

Our aim is being capable of consistently producing & delivering a wide range of highest quality special gas products in China while minimizing the loss of raw material, emissions and consumptions to the greatest extent possible.


Integrated circuit / Microchip
Semiconductor wafer


JDLL Singapore

Customized engineering design and solution for the applications in gas and chemical related industry worldwide from design, development, throughout manufacturing and assembly up to installation, commissioning and operational support.


BM Intelligence is a leading financial services provider in Asia Pacific Region inlcuding corporate finance, corporate services, professional translations, asset valuations, business centre, investment migration services, real estate & agency, financial & corporate communications, event management, strategic marketing, funds & wealth management, information technology as well as China business.

IGPH Group

The IGPH Group are world leaders in the design and manufacture of high technology Cylinder Filling Equipment and Solutions.


Europe-China Hui Zhi Electronic Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. (ECEM R&D) Focuses on development of new technology, products, related equipment & applications for semiconductor grade specialty gases and chemicals. It also provides full analysis service for external customers for almost all electronic specialty gases & materials.

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